pure wool jumpers made in Australia

About In Sheep’s Clothing

In Sheep’s Clothing has operated from Hobart’s Salamanca Market for over 30 years. We offer our range of garments knitted in 100% pure Australian wool.


Initially In Sheep’s Clothing sold garments made exclusively from wool produced by our own flock of white and coloured sheep.

Sadly, we can no longer offer garments made with wool from our farm, due to changes beyond our control within the Australian wool processing industry. There is currently no facility for small wool producers and growers of natural colour fibre to have their raw fibre manufactured into yarn in Australia.

On our farm, we still run a flock of coloured sheep and remain committed to our principles of maintaining our land without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Live and let live is still our motto and we keep our sheep for life. We have shelter available in every paddock and hand-feed our sheep throughout the winter months and maintain the health of our animals with additional minerals. Their welfare is our priority.

in sheep's clothing Tasmania
in sheep's clothing Tasmania