pure wool jumpers made in Australia

Size Chart

After years of designing for our customers, we have created styles that are suitable for a wide range of body types.

Measurements and Fit – It’s all in the ‘ease’….What is wearing ease?

Ease is the difference in measurements between your body and the garment, or in other words, the extra space that is “built in” to give the finished garment a particular fit and overall look. This extra space is necessary to allow you to move whilst wearing your garment. For jumpers, cardigans and vests, ease values are usually measured and calculated at the widest point of the chest or the fullest part of the bust.

Measure a favourite jumper!

Different styles of clothing call for different amounts of ease. Always compare like with like. Jumpers and cardigans that will be worn over something else obviously need more ease than tops that will be worn over nothing but undergarments.

To decide which size to order, compare the measurements in the chart with the actual measurements of one of your garments. Remember that chest measurement (a) on the size chart is for ONE SIDE of the garment only.


Chest measurement (a) is non negotiable!

If your measurements for (b) and (c) do not match the chart – write them down and make a note in the box provided for special instructions when you order. There is no charge for added sleeve length or for extra body length of up to 4cm. If you require more than 4cm in extra body length – please contact us for a quote before ordering.


pure wool jumpers made in Australia
mens and womens jumpers made in Australia